David Exposito-Alonso

David Exposito-Alonso

Research Assistant


How do the single functional units of the brain, neurons, develop to form such a complex cytoarchitecture and to enable higher functions such as thoughts and actions? Which developmental programs control the integration of specific cell types into neuronal circuits and their precise synaptic connectivity? In the Marin and Rico Labs, I am interested in understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that instruct the formation and function of cortical circuits, and how these processes might be impacted by genetic variations associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. In particular, I am studying mechanisms regulating the wiring of cortical excitatory and inhibitory neurons by combining a variety of approaches including bioinformatics, molecular and cellular biology, mouse genetics, and gene editing. I am also intrigued to know whether schizophrenia-associated genetic susceptibility could result in synaptic dysfunction of cortical interneurons during brain development.


  • MRes/PhD Programme in Developmental Neurobiology, Centre for Developmental Neurobiology and MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, King's College London.
  • MSc in Neurosciences, University of Barcelona.
  • BSc in Biological Sciences, University of Alicante.


ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4950-2744

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Selected publications:

Favuzzi E, Deogracias R, Marques-Smith A, Maeso P, Jezequel J, Exposito-Alonso D, Balia M, Kroon T, Hinojosa AJ, F Maraver E, Rico B (2019) Distinct molecular programs regulate synapse specificity in cortical inhibitory circuits. Science 363: 413-417