MSc Students

The research group leaders at our Centre teach and offer research projects in these MSc programmes below.

Neuroscience MSc

The programme provides multidisciplinary training in a range of neuroscience topics, especially those that are relevant to psychiatry and neurology, through taught compulsory modules and a choice of optional, specialised modules, both taught and research. Students may graduate with an MSc Neuroscience in a speciality.

Key benefits

  • Appeals to students from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Offers specialised graduate training in several neuroscience subject areas, both clinical and non-clinical.
  • Aims to equip all graduates for the next stage of their career, usually further full-time study in basic neuroscience in an academic research environment or in a taught clinical programme, employment in an academic, clinical or pharmaceutical organisation.

Clinical Neuroscience MSc

The aim of the MSc Clinical Neuroscience is to give students a unique understanding of the principles underlying the clinical presentation and investigation of diseases affecting the brain. Emphasis is given to translation from basic science to clinical practice. The course is suitable for students particularly interested in neuroscience and its applications to neurological or psychiatric diseases.

Key benefits
  • Programme provides a deep and detailed understanding of brain diseases.
  • Emphasis on translation from basic science to clinical practice.
  • Designed to introduce the basic scientific concepts upon which clinical symptoms, signs and practice are based.