Research Highlights

Long noncoding RNAs and their diverse influences

"Meaningless" part of genome has important cellular functions and can promote malignancy

Synaptic input organisation in pyramidal neurons

How are synaptic inputs organised along the vast dendritic trees of pyramidal neurons?

New insights into motor neuron development

A new understanding of the role of splicing factors in motor development

Disrupting prostate cancer ‘homing signal’ could hold promise for new treatments

How cancer cells escape the prostate and spread to other parts of the body.

Genes control how information is duplicated in the nervous system

New study reveals identifies some of the first genes that perform this function.

A molecular switch helps interneurons find their way in the cortex

Nrg3 attracts and guides the movement of interneurons during migration in the brain.

Zebrafish reveal the ups and downs of vision

Researchers shed light on how we perceive and recognise specific visual stimuli.