Wellcome Trust PhD Programme in Advanced Therapies for Regenerative Medicine

Wellcome Trust PhD Programme The newly funded Wellcome Trust Advanced Therapies for Regenerative Medicine PhD Programme aims to train a new generation of researchers in advanced therapies that underpin regenerative medicine. This programme builds on the success of King’s previous Wellcome Trust PhD Programme called ‘Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine’.

This 4-year PhD Programme is designed for students who wish to carry out lab-based fundamental research at the forefront of regenerative medicine and find solutions to challenging medical problems.

PhD supervisors have expertise in core areas of regenerative medicine, including cell transplantation, gene therapy, stem cell and developmental biology as well as disease modelling and drug screening.

Several labs in the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology take part in this Programme. For more information about the this PhD Programme in the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, please contact Ivo Lieberam (ivo.lieberam@kcl.ac.uk).