Ivo Lieberam

Ivo Lieberam

Reader, Group leader


Dr Ivo Lieberam joined KCL in 2009 as a Lecturer, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2015. He completed his Ph.D. in Genetics with Dr Irmgard Foerster and Prof Klaus Rajewsky (Institute for Genetics, University of Cologne, Germany). During his thesis, he studied antigen presenting cells and their communication with T lymphocytes, using gene targeting in mouse ESCs and flow cytometry as primary tools. Then, he shifted his interest to developmental neuroscience and joined the group of Prof Thomas Jessell (Columbia University, New York, USA) as a postdoctoral fellow. In the Jessell group, Dr Lieberam trained in neural development and techniques used to study neural differentiation in embryos and in tissue culture. He investigated the role of the chemokine receptor Cxcr4 in CNS exit point choice, a crucial step in motor axon guidance. Together with Dr Hynek Wichterle, he also developed a method that allows the direct differentiation of motor neurons from pluripotent stem cells. This approach has become an important research tool for scientists studying normal MN development and degenerative diseases which affect MNs. Since moving to KCL, the Lieberam group has increasingly focused their research on the formation, function and regeneration of neural circuits which control skeletal muscle, using in vitro derivation of neural tissue and myofibres from stem cells as the main experimental system.


Thompson Reuters Researcher ID: C-5324-2009
KCL PURE: https://kclpure.kcl.ac.uk/portal/ivo.lieberam.html

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Selected publications:

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