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Congratulations to Professor Richard Wingate on the publication of his book


Congratulations to Professor Richard Wingate on the publication of his book for a general audience, "The Story of the Brain in 10 and ½ Cells", published by Profile Books and the Wellcome Collection (May 2023).

“Beautiful, mysterious, and intricate”, The Idler Magazine.

“Few books [...] convey so succinctly the combination care, determination, obsessiveness and imagination that scientists in a field such as neuroscience require to make an advance in knowledge ... A short and exhilarating book”, The Oldie.

“A lyrical love letter to the art and science of neuroanatomy. In elegant, evocative prose, Wingate tells the very human tales of the early explorers of the nervous system, highlighting the joy of discovery and the insights that can be had if you just really look” - Kevin J. Mitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Genetics and Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin.

“This book is a wonderful description of the cells that make up the brain and how the remarkable organ works ... The author conveys his passion for neuroscience in this volume, which will leave the reader enthralled and wanting more”, Dr Arpan K Banerjee, Hektoen International.