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Largest independent study into cannabis use launched


Largest independent study into cannabis use launched

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A new programme of research into the effects of cannabis on the brain, Cannabis & Me, has just been awarded substantial funding by the MRC. The study is the largest independent study of its kind and is led by CNDD investigator, Marta Di Forti.

Cannabis & Me will use a combination of genetic and epigenetic testing, psychological and cognitive analyses, and virtual reality to understand the link between an individual’s biological markers and the effect cannabis has on them. The study aims to identify which environmental, genetic and epigenetic markers are most likely to predict mental health and social problems in users.

The study is incredibly timely - despite widespread use of cannabis across the world, we know very little about its effects on the brain and how it can affect different people differently. In addition, cannabis and cannabis derivatives for medical use are attracting increasing attention, and this study will help us understand cannabis better - both the negative and the therapeutic effects.

As part of Cannabis & Me, Dr Di Forti is looking for 6,000 participants between the ages of 18-45 living in the London area that are either currently using cannabis or have used it less than 3 times or never before. If you are interested in taking part, more information can be found via this link.

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