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Declan  Murphy

Declan Murphy

Professor of Psychiatry and Brain Maturation

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The Murphy group ‘translates’ findings from the laboratory to the clinic; mainly through identification of new molecular targets, the development of stratification/outcome biomarkers, and the testing of potential new treatments on cellular, circuit, or brain function. This work is underpinned collaborations within the MRC Centre that undertake experiments using IPSc models and rodents that are translated into humans – and back. His laboratories current focus in autism is the pathological impact of specific genetic and environmental risk factors (including ‘two hit’ models); and the role of serotonin, neuropeptides, glutamate and GABA. Their work in humans includes large scale longitudinal studies of brain development and function (including of the E/I system) in utero, and from infancy through to adulthood.

Selected publications

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