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Mechanisms of cortical neurogenesis

Setsuko Sahara

Setsuko Sahara


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Our research focus is the development of the mammalian neocortex, the control centre of our behaviour, thought and intellectual abilities. The neocortex is composed of hundreds of different types of neurons and glia. Decoding the mechanisms regulating the self-renewal capacity and competency of cortical progenitors is crucial to understanding how our brains  develop and what happens to the brain in psychiatric disorders. This will give us vital insights into how we could develop novel strategies for treatment in these disorders.

Specifically we are currently working on three projects: transcriptional identity of multipotent or subtype-restricted progenitors; molecular controls determining self-renewing and neurogenic potentials of progenitors; and reconstruction of human neuronal structures from ES/iPS cells.

Selected publications

Sahara S, Kodama T, Stevens CF (2020) A common rule governing differentiation kinetics of mouse cortical progenitors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 117: 15221-15229

Ramos SI, Makeyev EV, Salierno M, Kodama T, Kawakami Y, Sahara S (2020) Tuba8 Drives Differentiation of Cortical Radial Glia into Apical Intermediate Progenitors by Tuning Modifications of Tubulin C Termini. Dev Cell 52: 477-491.e8

Kawaguchi D, Sahara S, Zembrzycki A, O'Leary DDM (2016) Generation and analysis of an improved Foxg1-IRES-Cre driver mouse line. Dev Biol 412: 139-147

Zembrzycki A, Stocker AM, Leingärtner A, Sahara S, Chou SJ, Kalatsky V, May SR, Stryker MP, O'Leary DD (2015) Genetic mechanisms control the linear scaling between related cortical primary and higher order sensory areas. Elife 4