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Deepak P Srivastava

Deepak P Srivastava

Senior Lecturer in the Neurobiology of Schizophrenia

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Research in the Srivastava lab (aka the Neuronal Circuitry and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Group (NCND)), seeks to understand the mechanisms that regulate excitatory synapse structure and function. We are focus on elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying the remodelling of neuronal connectivity, with a particular emphasis on how disease-risk genes control synaptic structure, function and trafficking of proteins to and from synaptic compartments. As aberrant neuronal circuitry is a fundamental property of many neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders, understanding the mechanisms that regulate connectivity is critical in understanding of these disease as well as for the development of novel therapeutic strategies. To address these questions, we employ a multi-disciplinary approach, including molecular and biochemical techniques, as well as advanced and cutting edge imaging techniques. This allows us to examine the dynamic nature of synaptic morphology and proteins. Furthermore, we use primary cell cultures, animal models, human neural stem cell and patient derived pluripotent stem cells models to model the role of risk-proteins on synapse structure and function.