Neural circuit assembly and brain disorders

Search for the expression of your gene of interest in different cell types in the mouse neocortex at a time when cortical circuits are assembled. RNA-seq data from Somatostatin cells (SST P5 and P10), Parvalbumin basket cells (PVBC P5 and P10) and Chandelier cells (ChC P8 and P10) as well as in interneurons (IN) at P0, pyramidal cells (PYR) at P12 and Oligodendrocytes (OLIG) at P10 at a time when cortical inhibitory circuits emerge (P5/P8-P10).
Please cite: Favuzzi, Deogracias et al. Science, 363 (6425):413-417 (2019). DOI: 10.1126/science.aau8977.