The Centre hosts weekly seminars with leading scientists and guest lecturers from all over the world. Below is a list of past seminars.
25/5/23 13:00 Lecture series

Development and evolution of neuronal diversity in the insect visual system.

Speaker: Nikos Konstantinides, Institut Jacques Monod
18/5/23 13:00 Lecture series

The timing of splicing: a unifying perspective

Speaker: Maria Carmo Fonseca, Instituto de Medicina Molecular
27/4/23 13:00 Lecture series

Dissecting cellular diversity in the enteric nervous system – from development to circuits

Speaker: Ulrika Marklund, Karolinska Institutet
20/4/23 13:00 Lecture series

Expansion Microscopy for structural cell biology: from centriole architecture to human retinopathies

Speaker: Virginie Hamel, University Of Geneva
30/3/23 13:00 Lecture series

Understanding brain development and regeneration with single-cell technologies

Speaker: Barbara Treutlein, ETH Zurich
23/3/23 13:00 Lecture series

Making a laminated retina: What to become, when to become it and how to move from there?

Speaker: Caren Norden, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência
22/3/23 10:00 Lecture series MRC CNDD symposium: Imaging through Development

MRC CNDD symposium: Imaging through Development

Speaker: Various speakers, King's College London
16/3/23 13:00 Lecture series


Speaker: Valentin Nägerl, Bordeaux University
9/3/23 13:00 Lecture series

Microtubules in Neurodevelopment and Disease

Speaker: David Keays, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München & University of Cambridge
23/2/23 13:00 Lecture series

Multiple memory traces in the hippocampal engram

Speaker: Flavio Donato, University of Basel
9/2/23 13:00 Lecture series

Distinct GABAergic circuits underpin different strategies for sensory information transfer in early postnatal neocortex

Speaker: Simon Butt, University of Oxford
2/2/23 16:00 NEUReka! seminar

Of odour plumes and synchrotrons- structure and function in neural circuits

Speaker: Andreas Schafer, Francis Crick Institute
26/1/23 13:00 Lecture series

Cortical Layers in Context & Learning

Speaker: Randy Bruno, University of Oxford
19/1/23 13:00 Lecture series

Speaker: Simona Parrinello
15/12/22 13:00 Lecture series

Mechanisms of neuronal diversification and evolution

Speaker: Nuria Flames, Valencia Biomedicine Institute
8/12/22 13:00 Lecture series

Molecular programs for adult brain (re)wiring

Speaker: Csaba Földy, University of Zurich
1/12/22 16:00 NEUReka! seminar

Going into the unknown together: a guitar talk about the importance of emotions in science

Speaker: Uri Alon, Weizmann Institute, Israel
24/11/22 13:00 Lecture series

Circuits for learning, predicting and deciding in Drosophila

Speaker: Marta Zlatic, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
3/11/22 16:00 NEUReka! seminar

Novel homeostatic functions for the pro-inflammatory molecule Galectin-3 in embryonic and adult neurogeneis

Speaker: Francis Szele, Oxford University
6/10/22 16:00 NEUReka! seminar

Diversity, Development and Disease: The cortical Interneuron Story

Speaker: Nicoletta Kessaris, UCL
8/9/22 13:00 Lecture series

Cytoskeletal regulation of single-cell branching morphogenesis

Speaker: Sofia J Araújo, University of Barcelona
1/9/22 16:00 NEUReka! seminar

RNA Splice Codes for Neuronal Wiring

Speaker: Peter Scheiffele, University of Basel
7/7/22 13:00 Lecture series

Vascular instructions during CNS development

Speaker: Amparo Acker-Palmer, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
23/6/22 13:00 Lecture series


Speaker: Simon Butt, University of Oxford
16/6/22 13:00 Lecture series


Speaker: Peter Hacker, Univeristy of Oxford
19/5/22 13:00 Lecture series

Control of neural connectivity by synapse-specific cell-surface interactions and downstream signaling’

Speaker: Joris de Wit, VIB-KU Leuven Center For Brain & Disease Research
12/5/22 13:00 Lecture series

Dissecting how internal states shape brain function and nutritional decision

Speaker: Carlos Ribeiro, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
5/5/22 16:00 NEUReka! seminar

The Pressure to Sleep: Physiological Drivers, Encoders, and Executing Circuits

Speaker: Jason Rihel, UCL
28/4/22 13:00 Lecture series

Neuro-Vascular interactions in the developing CNS

Speaker: Carmen Ruiz de Almodóvar, University of Bonn
21/4/22 16:00 Lecture series

Neuron-glial interactions in health and disease: from cognition to cancer

Speaker: Michelle Monje, Stanford Medicine
20/4/22 13:00 Lecture series

Alternative splicing regulatory networks and their roles in nervous system development and disorders

Speaker: Benjamin Blencowe, University of Toronto
12/4/22 13:00 NEUReka! seminar

Neural Circuits of Kinship Behaviour

Speaker: Ann Clemens, The Univeristy of Edinburgh
31/3/22 13:00 Lecture series

The roles of extracellular vesicles in brain development, function and disease

Speaker: Hollis Cline, The Scripps Research Institute
17/3/22 13:00 Lecture series

Brain region evolution by duplication-and-divergence -- lessons from the cerebellar nuclei

Speaker: Justus Kebschull, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
10/3/22 13:00 Lecture series

A day in the life (and mind) of the larval zebrafish: organization of motivational states in the vertebrate brain

Speaker: Jennifer Li & Drew Robson, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
3/3/22 13:00 Lecture series

Synaptic Logistics: Protein Supply and Demand at Synapses.

Speaker: Erin Schuman, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
24/2/22 13:00 Lecture series

Internal representations of space and gradient navigation in larval zebrafish

Speaker: Ruben Portugues, Institute of Neuroscience, Technical University of Munich
10/2/22 10:30 Lecture series

The embryonic root of adult subventricular neural stem cells

Speaker: Yukiko Gotoh, The University of Tokyo
3/2/22 13:00 NEUReka! seminar

Studying myelinated axon biology in vivo using zebrafish

Speaker: David Lyons, University of Edinburgh
27/1/22 13:00 Lecture series

The importance of synaptic changes in tau in Alzheimer's disease and cognitive ageing

Speaker: Tara Spires-Jones, University of Edinburgh
20/1/22 13:00 Lecture series

Genomically-aided diagnosis of developmental disorders: Making geneticist feel very stupid

Speaker: David FitzPatrick, Univeristy of Edinburgh
13/1/22 13:00 Lecture series


Speaker: Sofia Araujo, IRB Barcelona
16/12/21 16:00 Lecture series

Understanding the Brain: Does the Nascent Field of Connectomics Help? (or Hurt?)

Speaker: Jeff Lichtman, Harvard University
9/12/21 13:00 Lecture series

Remembering immunity: brain representation of immune states

Speaker: Asya Rolls, Israel Institute of Technology
2/12/21 16:00 NEUReka! seminar

Modifying tRNAs: a key process to regulate brain development?

Speaker: Juliette Godin, IGBMC
25/11/21 13:00 Lecture series

Cellular remodeling after spinal cord injury - the impact of distal axonal lesion on upstream cortical networks

Speaker: Maren Engelhardt, Johannes Kepler University Linz
18/11/21 13:00 Lecture series

Dissecting the transcriptional and epigenetic disruptions that underpin glioblastoma

Speaker: Steven Pollard, University of Edinburgh
11/11/21 13:00 Lecture series

Temporal controls over interareal cortical projection neuron fate diversity

Speaker: Denis Jabaudon, University of Geneva
4/11/21 13:00 NEUReka! seminar

Neural mechanisms for memory and emotional processing during sleep

Speaker: Gabrielle Girardeau, Institut du Fer-a-Moulin
21/10/21 13:00 Lecture series

Lessons learnt from studying apoptosis during C. elegans development

Speaker: Barbara Conradt
14/10/21 13:00 Lecture series

Its about time: cajal-retzius cells, activity and microglia in early cortical wiring

Speaker: Sonia Garel, IBENS
7/10/21 15:00 NEUReka! seminar

From swimming to seizures: Investigating locomotor behavior and epilepsy in developing zebrafish

Speaker: Gerald Downes, University of Massachusetts Amherst
30/9/21 16:00 Lecture series

Functional flexibility: state-dependence and neuromodulation in the cortex

Speaker: Jessica Cardin, Yale Yale School of Medicine
23/9/21 16:00 Lecture series

Wiring Specificity of Neural Circuits in Flies and Mice

Speaker: Liqun Luo, Stanford University
16/9/21 16:00 Lecture series

A human-specific genetic modifier of cortical connectivity and circuit function improves behavioral performance

Speaker: Franck Polleux, Columbia University | Zuckerman Institute
9/9/21 16:00 Lecture series

Purkinje cell axonal swellings enhance axon potential fidelity and cerebellar function

Speaker: Alanna Watt, McGill University
2/9/21 16:00 NEUReka! seminar

Neural Representations of Social Homeostasis

Speaker: Kay Tye, Salk Institute
1/7/21 15:00 Lecture series

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience in the Era of Big Data

Speaker: Damien Fair, University of Minnesota
24/6/21 15:00 Lecture series


Speaker: Michael Brand, Center for Regenerative Therapies (CRTD)
17/6/21 15:00 NEUReka! seminar


Speaker: Paola Arlotta
10/6/21 15:00 Lecture series

Diversity and Regulation of Adult Neural Stem Cells

Speaker: Fiona Doetsch, University of Basel
27/5/21 15:00 Lecture series

Holographic control of neuronal circuits

Speaker: Valentina Emiliani, Institut de la Vision
20/5/21 15:00 Lecture series

Immune-related proteins in neurons: from synapse identity to synaptopathies

Speaker: Fekrije Selimi, Collège de France
13/5/21 15:00 Lecture series

Coping with Mechanical Stress: Tissue dynamics during development and repair

Speaker: Yanlan Mao, UCL
6/5/21 15:00 NEUReka! seminar

The Neuroethology of visual navigation in insects

Speaker: Paul Graham, University of Sussex
29/4/21 15:00 Lecture series

Critical period of prefrontal circuit development, role of early life stress and antidepressants

Speaker: Patricia Gaspar, Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle, Paris
22/4/21 15:00 Lecture series

Molecular mechanisms underlying the formation of bilateral circuits

Speaker: Eloisa Herrera, Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante CSIC-UMH
1/4/21 15:00 NEUReka! seminar

Epigenetic-level approaches to studying memory and age-related memory deficits

Speaker: Farah Lubin, University of Alabama
25/3/21 15:00 Lecture series

Disentangling descending circuits for motor control

Speaker: Silvia Arber, University of Basel & Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI), Basel
18/3/21 15:00 Lecture series

Human stem cells for modelling neural injury and disease

Speaker: Patrizia Ferretti, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Section, UCL
11/3/21 10:30 Lecture series

Cellular and molecular rules for distributing synaptic weights in hippocampal pyramidal neurons

Speaker: Yukiko Goda, RIKEN Center for Brain Science
4/3/21 15:00 NEUReka! seminar

Highly precise visual coding in the presence of noise

Speaker: Carsen Stringer
25/2/21 15:00 Lecture series

Decoding the Notch signal

Speaker: Sarah Bray, University of Cambridge
11/2/21 15:00 Lecture series


Speaker: Patrícia Beldade, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência