Choi S, Schilder BM, Abbasova L, Murphy AE, Skene NG (2023) EpiCompare: R package for the comparison and quality control of epigenomic peak files. Bioinform Adv 3: vbad049.

EpiCompare combines a variety of downstream analysis tools to compare, quality control and benchmark different epigenomic datasets. The package requires minimal input from users, can be run with just one line of code and provides all results of the analysis in a single interactive HTML report. EpiCompare thus enables downstream analysis of multiple epigenomic datasets in a simple, effective and user-friendly manner.EpiCompare is available on Bioconductor (≥ v3.15):; all source code is publicly available via GitHub:; documentation website; and EpiCompare DockerHub repository:

Pubmed: 37250110