Yap K, Chung TH, Makeyev EV (2022) Analysis of RNA-containing compartments by hybridization and proximity labeling in cultured human cells. STAR Protoc 3: 101139

This protocol describes a hybridization-proximity labeling (HyPro) approach for identification of proteins and RNAs co-localizing with a transcript of interest in genetically unperturbed cells. It outlines steps required for purification of a recombinant HyPro enzyme, hybridization of fixed and permeabilized cells with digoxigenin-labeled probes, HyPro enzyme binding, proximity biotinylation, and downstream analyses of the biotinylated products. Although the protocol is optimized for relatively abundant noncoding transcripts, recommendations are provided for improving the signal-to-noise ratio in case of scarcer RNA "baits." For complete details on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Yap et al. (2021).

Pubmed: 35128480