Yap K, Chung TH, Makeyev EV (2022) Hybridization-proximity labeling reveals spatially ordered interactions of nuclear RNA compartments. Mol Cell 82: 463-478.e11

The ability of RNAs to form specific contacts with other macromolecules provides an important mechanism for subcellular compartmentalization. Here we describe a suite of hybridization-proximity (HyPro) labeling technologies for unbiased discovery of proteins (HyPro-MS) and transcripts (HyPro-seq) associated with RNAs of interest in genetically unperturbed cells. As a proof of principle, we show that HyPro-MS and HyPro-seq can identify both known and previously unexplored spatial neighbors of the noncoding RNAs 45S, NEAT1, and PNCTR expressed at markedly different levels. Notably, HyPro-seq uncovers an extensive repertoire of incompletely processed, adenosine-to-inosine-edited transcripts accumulating at the interface between their encoding chromosomal regions and the NEAT1-containing paraspeckle compartment. At least some of these targets require NEAT1 for their optimal expression. Overall, this study provides a versatile toolkit for dissecting RNA interactomes in diverse biomedical contexts and expands our understanding of the functional architecture of the mammalian nucleus.

Pubmed: 34741808