Liao M, Kundap U, Rosch RE, Burrows DRW, Meyer MP, Bouchra BOA, Cossette P, Samarut É (2019) Targeted knockout of GABA receptor gamma 2 subunit provokes transient light-induced reflex seizures in zebrafish larvae. Dis Model Mech

Epilepsy is the most common primary neurological disorder characterized by the chronic tendency of a patient to experience epileptic seizures, which are abnormal body movements or cognitive states that result from excessive, hypersynchronous brain activity. Epilepsy has been found to have numerous etiologies and whilst about two thirds of epilepsies were classically considered idiopathic, a majority of those is now believed to be of genetic origin. Mutations in genes involved in GABA-mediated inhibitory neurotransmission have been associated with a broad range of epilepsy syndromes. Mutations in the GABA-A receptor gamma 2 subunit gene (

Pubmed: 31582559