Montague K, Guthrie S, Poparic I (2017) In Vivo and In Vitro Knockdown Approaches in the Avian Embryo as a Means to Study Semaphorin Signaling. Methods Mol Biol 1493: 403-416

A combination of both in vivo and in vitro techniques is invaluable for studying semaphorin signaling in the avian central nervous system. Here we describe how both types of approaches can be used to compliment each other in order to unravel the role that semaphorins play during embryonic development and elucidate the functional consequences of semaphorin knockdown using RNA interference vectors. We describe and discuss specifically the use of in ovo electroporation and primary oculomotor neuron culture to identify the role of semaphorins in oculomotor neuron migration and assess functional consequences of semaphorin disruption in this system.

Pubmed: 27787867