Dimitar Kostadinov

Dimitar Kostadinov

Wellcome Trust CDA Research Fellow, Group Leader


Dimitar Kostadinov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He did his undergraduate studies at McGill University, graduating with a BSc in Physiology in 2009. He went on to do a PhD at Harvard University under the mentorship of Joshua Sanes (2009-15), in which he studied the molecular mechanisms and functions of dendritic self-avoidance in the retina. He then conducted postdoctoral work in Michael Hausser’s lab at University College London (2015-23), where he discovered the microzonal organization of reward-related teaching signals in the cerebellum. His graduate and postdoctoral work were funded by fellowships from the US National Institutes of Health and EMBO. Dimitar joined the CDN in 2023 on a Wellcome Trust Career Development Award Research Fellowship. His lab explores how the cerebellum collaborates with the forebrain in the learning and execution of goal-directed behaviour.


ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7548-2209

Selected publications:

Selected Publications

Kostadinov D, Beau M, Blanco-Pozo M, Häusser M (2019) Predictive and reactive reward signals conveyed by climbing fiber inputs to cerebellar Purkinje cells. Nat Neurosci 22: 950-962
Lefebvre JL, Kostadinov D, Chen WV, Maniatis T, Sanes JR (2012) Protocadherins mediate dendritic self-avoidance in the mammalian nervous system. Nature 488: 517-21