Susana  Ramos

Susana Ramos

PhD Student


Susana Ramos is a PhD student working with Dr. Setsuko Sahara in the Department of Developmental Neurobiology. Her research focuses upon the effective signalling pathways, which ascertain the competency of cortical progenitors and may be exploited for the reprogramming of endogenous glia into induced neural progenitors (iNPs). The long-term goal is to establish a reproducible strategy for the targeted reprogramming of glial subpopulations into self-renewing and competent iNPs, which holds tremendous therapeutic potential.

Prior to joining Dr. Sahara's group, Susana obtained a BSc in Neuroscience from King's College London and subsequently completed an MRes in Biomedical Research at Imperial College London. During her postgraduate studies, she had the opportunity to work with Dr. Niahm Nolan in the Department of Bioengineering to characterise the biomechanical properties of hyaline cartilage during diarthrodial joint development and later Prof. Julia Gorelik at the National Heart and Lung Institute to investigate the mechanisms underlying cardiac tubulogenesis.

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Selected publications:

Ramos SI, Makeyev EV, Salierno M, Kodama T, Kawakami Y, Sahara S (2020) Tuba8 Drives Differentiation of Cortical Radial Glia into Apical Intermediate Progenitors by Tuning Modifications of Tubulin C Termini. Dev Cell 52: 477-491.e8