Paride Antinucci

Paride Antinucci

PhD Student


After my BSc in Biological Sciences at University of Florence, Italy, I obtained a Master Degree in Neuroscience at King's College London, UK.

Currently, I am a PhD student sponsored by the Medical Research Council in Robert Hindges' lab.

The aim of my work is to investigate the cellular and molecular building blocks of neural circuits in the vertebrate retina.


Thompson Reuters Researcher ID: C-3697-2015
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Selected publications:

Cheung A, Trevers KE, Reyes-Corral M, Antinucci P, Hindges R (2019) Expression and Roles of Teneurins in Zebrafish. Front Neurosci 13: 158

Antinucci P, Hindges R (2018) Orientation-Selective Retinal Circuits in Vertebrates. Front Neural Circuits 12: 11
Antinucci P, Suleyman O, Monfries C, Hindges R (2016) Neural Mechanisms Generating Orientation Selectivity in the Retina. Curr Biol 26: 1802-15

Antinucci P, Nikolaou N, Meyer MP, Hindges R (2013) Teneurin-3 specifies morphological and functional connectivity of retinal ganglion cells in the vertebrate visual system. Cell Rep 5: 582-92