Daniel Mackay

Daniel Mackay

Research Support Technician


Danny Mackay is the histology/microscopy technician for the Department. He had many years ago worked at Glasgow University as an electron microscopy (EM), histology and teaching laboratories technician. He then moved to take up a post as an EM technician at the University of Sheffield, from where he also subsequently graduated with a BSc in Microbiology. Upon returning to Glasgow he took up an EM post researching the Leech nervous system.

He then found his way to London to run an EM unit at St Mary’s Hospital. He has not as yet managed to work out how to escape from London.

His next science jobs were: an MLSO at St. Georges Hospital Histopathology Dept; EM and histology technician at St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School Physiology Dept; then for almost 14 years at the Institute of Psychiatry at Denmark Hill, in a number of posts mostly in the Neuropathology and Neuroscience Departments, carrying out variously: stereological, histological & EM (incl. diagnostic neuropathology), Drosophila and confocal microscopy techniques.

He then moved to LGC Ltd at Teddington, Middx. to continue confocal microscopy work and learn cell culture techniques, but he also acquired skills in laser capture microdissection microscopy, fibrin gel casting with subsequent cryostat and paraffin sectioning.

Then, finally, as his penultimate reincarnation, prior to taking up this post at Guys Campus of KCL, he worked at the Joint Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease Tissue Bank at the Hammersmith Hospital campus of Imperial College carrying out brain collection, processing and histology.

Selected publications:

Volpi V, Mackay D, Fanto M (2011) Single Drosophila ommatidium dissection and imaging. J Vis Exp
Siyad F, Griffiths J, Janjua F, Jackson E, Rodrigues I, Kerr F, Mackay D, Lovestone S (2005) School students as Drosophila experimenters. PLoS Biol 3: e246