Jon Clarke

Jon Clarke

Emeritus Professor, Group Leader


Jon Clarke received his PhD at Bristol University after studying the Xenopus embryo spinal cord with Alan Roberts. He then moved to King?s College London to work with Nigel Holder on development and regeneration of the amphibian spinal cord before moving to work with Andrew Lumsden on the rhombomeric organisation of the chick embryo brainstem. In 1994 he took a lectureship in the Anatomy and Developmental Biology department at UCL. In 2000 he changed model system from the chick to the zebrafish embryo in order to take advantage of the superior transparency of the fish embryo to pursue live imaging studies of morphogenesis and neurogenesis in the early vertebrate CNS. His current interests are focussed on the regulation of neuroepithelial cell polarity and remodelling cell shape during neurogenesis. He was Head of Anatomy at King?s College London between 2008 and 2014.


Thompson Reuters Researcher ID: C-5347-2009

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All publications:


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