Richard Wingate

Richard Wingate

Professor of Developmental Neurobiology, Group Leader, Education Leader
Director of the Centre for Education (FoLSM)


Richard Wingate is a Senior Lecturer. He completed his DPhil in Neurophysiology at Oxford University in 1992 with Professor Ian Thompson. From there Richard won an MRC Training Fellowship with Professor Andrew Lumsden followed by an MRC Travelling Fellowship to work with Professor Mary Beth Hatten at Rockefeller University, New York. He returned to London as a Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow and then won a Wellcome University Award Fellowship at King?s College London.

Richard completed his Masters degree in Academic Practice in 2013 and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He was plenary speaker at annual learning and teaching conferences of King?s College London (2010) and Goldsmiths College (2011) and was appointed Head of Anatomy at King?s College London in 2014.

Richard has collaborated on a variety of public engagement projects across a range of media. He was scientific advisor for the Wellcome Collection?s ?Brain: the Mind as Matter? exhibition (2012) and most recently collaborated with artists Celia Pym and Tamsin van Essen as part of ?Parallel Practices? with the Crafts Council UK (2015). He has served on Wellcome Trust panels for Science and Art, Society (Pulse), Arts, Arts Production and the Hub selection. He is a member of the Public Education and Communication Committee of the Society for Neuroscience, USA.

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Thompson Reuters Researcher ID: C-5341-2009

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