Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter

Postdoctoral researcher


Paul Hunter is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Meyer at KCL. Paul obtained a BSc in Biochemistry (2004) and a PhD (2008) from University of Warwick. Paul?s PhD, completed in the laboratory of Dr. Lorenzo Frigerio, used a holistic approach to study the localisation of membrane proteins within plant vacuoles using promoter targeting and in vivo fluorescence imaging.

After his PhD, Paul worked in a UKAS accredited industrial toxicology laboratory in London, before returning to his interest in molecular biology and in vivo fluorescence microscopy at the Department of Developmental Neurobiology as a research technician. Paul joined a team studying the role of synaptically localised cell adhesion proteins in zebrafish visual system development (2009-2011). During this time, Paul became interested in neuroimaging of zebrafish larvae, and used population-wide calcium imaging to study characteristics of the zebrafish visual system in response to simple stimuli. Paul is currently continuing these population-wide imaging strategies to study zebrafish seizures.


Thompson Reuters Researcher ID: J-7795-2013
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Selected Publications

An W, Jackson RE, Hunter P, Gögel S, van Diepen M, Liu K, Meyer MP, Eickholt BJ (2015) Engineering FKBP-Based Destabilizing Domains to Build Sophisticated Protein Regulation Systems. PLoS One 10: e0145783
Lowe AS, Nikolaou N, Hunter PR, Thompson ID, Meyer MP (2013) A Systems-Based Dissection of Retinal Inputs to the Zebrafish Tectum Reveals Different Rules for Different Functional Classes during Development. J Neurosci 33: 13946-56