Ivana Poparic

Ivana Poparic

NC3Rs David Sainsbury Postdoctoral Fellow, IoPPN Honorary Lecturer


Ivana Poparic is an NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellow based at the Department of Developmental Neurobiology, KCL. She received her PhD in molecular medicine from Medical University Graz, Austria for a dissertation on the role of FHL1 in myopathies. She also holds an MSc in molecular biology from University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Ivana's primary interest is hereditary neurological disorders. Currently she is developing a zebrafish model of Duane Retraction Syndrome (DRS) caused by mutations in the CHN1 gene. This is a type of squint characterized by abnormal wiring of nerves controlling eye movements. Ivana created several zebrafish lines carrying human DRS mutations and she is currently mapping out abnormal nerve development in DRS and testing functionality of eye movements in affected fish. This will allow her to create database of disease phenotypes.

All publications:


Montague K, Guthrie S, Poparic I (2017) In Vivo and In Vitro Knockdown Approaches in the Avian Embryo as a Means to Study Semaphorin Signaling. Methods Mol Biol 1493: 403-416


Clark C, Austen O, Poparic I, Guthrie S (2013) Alpha2-Chimaerin regulates a key axon guidance transition during development of the oculomotor projection. J Neurosci 33: 16540-51