Tamara Al Janabi

Tamara Al Janabi

Research Strategy Manager


Tamara graduated in psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London and completed her PhD at Cardiff University. Her PhD focused on risk genes for schizophrenia and psychosis and comprised elements of psychiatric genetics, behavioural neuroscience and experimental psychology.

At Cardiff University, Tamara later worked on the schizophrenia - bipolar disorder divide, looking at genetic and environmental factors that may influence the emergence or course of the disorders. She then moved to UCL and managed an interdisciplinary research consortium investigating factors that influence the development of Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome.

Tamara joined us in July 2018 and manages the research strategy and public profile of the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology. She is also the Scientific Co-ordinator for the MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Selected publications: