Amy Shakeshaft

Amy Shakeshaft

PhD student



Rotation 1st Rotation: Anthony Vernon

2nd rotation: Deb Pal

3rd rotation: Robert Hindges

Lab affiliation: Deb Pal

Selected publications:

Rubboli G, Beier CP, Selmer KK, Syvertsen M, Shakeshaft A, Collingwood A, Hall A, Andrade DM, Fong CY, Gesche J, Greenberg DA, Hamandi K, Lim KS, Ng CC, Orsini A, , Striano P, Thomas RH, Zarubova J, Richardson MP, Strug LJ, Pal DK (2023) Variation in prognosis and treatment outcome in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy: a Biology of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy Consortium proposal for a practical definition and stratified medicine classifications. Brain Commun 5: fcad182