Oliver Baker

Oliver Baker

Gene Editing & Embryology Core Manager, Group Leader


Dr. Oliver Baker undertook his PhD in the laboratory of Francis A. Stewart within the International PhD program in Dresden, Germany where he developed several new tools for genetic engineering purposes. For example, RAC (Recombineering And Cas9-assisted) tagging, a platform that is modular by design enabling simple and rapid protein tagging and conditional analyses in embryonic stem cells (Baker et al., 2016). During his postdoctoral work Dr. Baker used Cas9-assisted targeting in combination with bacterial artificial chromosomes (BAC) to humanize the mouse genome (Baker et al., 2017). He has over seven years of work experience in genome engineering and has been a course instructor for “Genetic Engineering of Mammalian Stem Cells” at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in 2012 & 2015 and on numerous occasions with CamBioScience. Following his Postdoc, Dr. Baker worked as a senior scientist within the Cell Line Engineering Group at Horizon Discovery in Cambridge, UK. Since June 2017 he is heading the Genome Editing & Embryology Core Facility at King’s College London.

Selected publications:

Karimova M, Baker O, Camgoz A, Naumann R, Buchholz F, Anastassiadis K (2018) A single reporter mouse line for Vika, Flp, Dre, and Cre-recombination. Sci Rep 8: 14453