Michalina Hanzel

Michalina Hanzel

PhD Student


I have studied Biomedical Sciences at UCL before starting my MRes/PhD studies at King's College London in the Department of Developmental Neurobiology. During my undergraduate studies I worked in Steve Wilson and Nikoletta Kesaris labs.

Currently, I work in Richard Wingate's lab, studying the developmental of cerebellar granule cells. My research interests revolve around the balance between proliferation and differentiation in the brain. During my PhD I visited Mary Beth Hatten lab in Rockefeller University for two months and attended various conferences and courses, including the developmental neurobiology course in Okinawa, Japan.

I am a PhD representative and a secretary for Neureka seminar series. I am also involved in a number of outreach activities, including the DevNeuro Academy.


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Selected Publications

Hanzel M, Rook V, Wingate RJT (2019) Mitotic granule cell precursors undergo highly dynamic morphological transitions throughout the external germinal layer of the chick cerebellum. Sci Rep 9: 15218

Hanzel M, Wingate RJ, Butts T (2015) Ex Vivo Culture of Chick Cerebellar Slices and Spatially Targeted Electroporation of Granule Cell Precursors. J Vis Exp 106: e53421

Butts T, Hanzel M, Wingate RJ (2014) Transit amplification in the amniote cerebellum evolved via a heterochronic shift in NeuroD1 expression. Development 141: 2791-5