Nikolas Nikolaou

Nikolas Nikolaou

Research Associate


I obtained my PhD from University College London working in the lab of David Wilkinson at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (now part of the Francis Crick Institute). During my doctoral studies I was interested in the molecular signals that control the balance between neural progenitor maintenance and differentiation in the embryonic zebrafish brain. I found that Lfng (a Delta-Notch signalling modulator) is expressed in neural epithelial cells prior to differentiation and is required cell-autonomously to limit the amount of neurogenesis and maintain cell progenitor pools. I completed my PhD in 2008.

I then moved to Martin Meyer�s lab at KCL in 2009 where the majority of my work has been focused on the functional properties of established circuits in the visual system of larval zebrafish. I am currently interested in the molecular and cellular mechanisms that allow the formation of functional and cell-type specific connections in the brain. This will not only give novel insights on how neural circuits are formed, but will also inform us on what goes wrong in disease conditions. Having such knowledge, the next obvious task is to find ways to revert such disturbances.


Thompson Reuters Researcher ID: C-8121-2015
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Selected publications:

Nikolaou N, Meyer MP (2015) Lamination Speeds the Functional Development of Visual Circuits. Neuron 88: 999-1013
Antinucci P, Nikolaou N, Meyer MP, Hindges R (2013) Teneurin-3 specifies morphological and functional connectivity of retinal ganglion cells in the vertebrate visual system. Cell Rep 5: 582-92
Lowe AS, Nikolaou N, Hunter PR, Thompson ID, Meyer MP (2013) A Systems-Based Dissection of Retinal Inputs to the Zebrafish Tectum Reveals Different Rules for Different Functional Classes during Development. J Neurosci 33: 13946-56
Nikolaou N, Lowe AS, Walker AS, Abbas F, Hunter PR, Thompson ID, Meyer MP (2012) Parametric functional maps of visual inputs to the tectum. Neuron 76: 317-324