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Fly Lab


CDN group leader, Camilla Larsen, is leading a school initiative, Fly Lab, to develop independent research skills in the next generation of scientists.

The initiative was co-conceived by Dr Maria Courel of The Judd School and offers sixth-form students an opportunity to conduct genetic experiments with Drosophila. They gather essential research skills including the ability to pursue a scientific investigation from conception through to interpretation of findings. Students are independent investigators and formulate their own research questions. They structure a study around their questions, find out the background and design the experiments. Students are encouraged to work towards presenting their research at conferences and in journals.

The initiative has been successful in its pilot phase with year 13 students and has now been rolled out for students in years 12 and 13 in the school. Camilla, Martin and Maria hope that the initiative will build students’ confidence in their scientific abilities and pique their scientific curiosity!

For more information about the initiative, please contact Camilla.