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Current Opinion in Neurobiology Editorial


The CDN’s Prof Juan Burrone, along with Professor Erika Holzbaur of the Perelman School of Medicine (University of Pennsylvania) has written the Editorial overview for the August 2018 edition of Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

Volume 51 of the journal comprises reviews that follow a plethora of cellular events within a single neuron and the communication that takes place between neurons and their local environment. Reviews span events and communication in health and in disease and come together to illustrate our current understanding of the structure and function of neurons.

In his editorial, Juan describes the beginnings of cellular neuroscience with Ramon y Cajal’s beautiful illustrations of neurons that, for the first time, showed us their complexity and morphological heterogeneity. He poses some of the biggest questions in cellular neuroscience: ‘how is such complexity achieved in a single cell?’ and ‘how can such complex cells function effectively over the many decades of a human life?’. These questions, and many more, are addressed according to our current understanding in the collection of reviews in this issue.