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Welcome to two new labs!


The Centre for Developmental Neurobiology is delighted to announce the recruitment of two new group leaders: Benedikt Berninger and Adil Khan! Their wide-ranging experiences in neurobiology will be strong assets to the Centre.

Berninger and Khan expand our science in new directions while synergizing perfectly with many of our currently research programmes. It is a really exciting time for our Centre.

Oscar Marìn


Benedikt Berninger is an outstanding neuroscientist with a clear vision on how fundamental research can be harnessed for repairing diseased neural circuits. His work is at the leading front of the field, as testified by his publications in some of the leading journals, including Nature Cell Biology, Cell Stem Cell and Neuron. Benedikt has received several major awards during his career and he has recently been awarded a Wellcome Trust Investigator Award in Science, one of the most prestigious schemes to support world-class researchers in the UK. Before joining our Centre, Benedikt Berninger was a Professor at Johannes Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany).

I am really excited to be joining the CDN because of the wonderful opportunities it offers of closely interacting with world-leading colleagues who all share a passion for learning how our brain develops. Moreover, we will greatly benefit from being part of the new MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders in our quest of giving our research an additional translational spin.

Benedikt Berninger


Adil Khan research focusses on understanding the neural mechanisms of visual learning and attention in mice. Adil has received several prestigious awards and fellowships, including a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship and an Ambizione Fellowship from the Swiss National Foundation. More recently, he has been awarded the Sir Henry Dale Wellcome Trust/Royal Society Fellowship, one of the most prestigious Career Development Awards in the UK. Before joining our Centre, Adil was an Independent Postdoctoral Fellow at the Biozentrum (Basel, Switzerland).

I am thrilled to be joining the CDN to start my lab. The CDN is full of extremely talented and original scientists, and the work being done here is highly relevant in the field of systems neuroscience. My own lab's work on the neural circuits underlying cognition in mice will certainly benefit a lot from the Centre, and I hope to be able to contribute to it in turn.

Adil Khan