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Marie-Curie Fellowship


Fong Kuan received her PhD in 2014 from Technische Universität Dresden, for her work on the generation of basal radial glia (bRGs) in the embryonic mouse dorsal telencephalon in the laboratory of Prof Wieland B. Huttner. She successfully generated excess bRGs via two approaches– microinjection of ferret poly-A+ RNA into the apical progenitor of the dorsal telencephalon and in utero electroporation of Pax6, work that was published in the journal PLoS Biology. In August this year, she joined the laboratory of Prof Oscar Marín, where she has been working on deciphering how cortical circuit assemble occurs in the developing neocortex. Fong Kuan has also recently been awarded an EMBO Long-Term fellowship. Both awards will enable her to understand how MGE interneurons are integrated in a cortical circuit in the developing neocortex.