MRes/PhD Programme in Developmental Neurobiology

MRes/PhD Programme

We are no longer accepting applications for this programme.

This programme provides students with world-class graduate training in Developmental Neurobiology. This encompasses not only state-of-the-art primary research, but also its dissemination to scientific and lay audiences, and wider transferable skills. This is achieved through a 1+3-year programme structure, where the pivotal first year allows for a fully informed choice of doctoral project, as well as developing breadth and depth of knowledge in Developmental Neuroscience, and acquiring the general skills required for a successful PhD.

The first year of the 4-year PhD programme comprises the MRes in Developmental Neurobiology course, and its major focus is on three laboratory rotations, designed to give students broad experience of Developmental Neuroscience research opportunities across King’s, along with training in laboratory techniques and scientific communication to a range of audiences. Students benefit in addition from a taught Developmental Neurobiology module, as well as interdisciplinary and transferable skills training.

Based on their experience in the three different laboratory rotations, students then choose their PhD supervisor and project at the end of the first year. During years 2-4 students will work full-time towards the completion of a research Thesis in Developmental Neurobiology. To complement their research training, students also have access to a wide variety of transferable skills and networking opportunities across the wider neuroscience community.