Vision population codes (Former research group)

Andrew Lowe
Andrew Lowe (Alumnus)

Lecturer and Head of Image Analysis

Biological systems have found many efficient solutions to processing vast amounts of information. Vision is a classic example, wherein the diversity evident in visual ecology suggests the environment and behaviour of an animal drives unique solutions. As a lab we are interested how biological systems process complex information, in particular we are interested in visual responses to complex scenes. By developing systems-based approaches that integrate visual neuroscience, neuroimaging and informatics methods we are able to efficiently research biological vision. Dr Lowe currently holds a Wellcome Trust Seed Award to develop such approaches that will study the development of topographic maps in the zebrafish. The award will fund cutting-edge research that promises to fill our knowledge gap. More broadly, we are developing information theoretic, mathematical and statistical physical sciences approaches to quantify and visualise the information content within neuronal responses to any visual scene.

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