Transcriptional control of forebrain regionalisation

I am the Neuroscience Divisional Education Lead and I have several other roles in education.

Module organiser of:

4BBY1030 Cell Biology & Neuroscience (Common Year One)

5BBA2081 Neuroscience (2nd year, Neuroscience Dept)

6BBA3008 Developmental Neurobiology (3rd year, Anatomy Dept)

In addition to those, I teach on:

5BBA2021 Structural Basis of Human Function

5BBA2031 Synthetic Anatomy

5BBA2076 Emergence of Vertebrate Form and Function

5BBA2300 Essentials of Embryology

6BBA3015 Birth Defects

6BBA3121 Mechanisms of Development

6BBA3261 Experimental Project in Anatomy, Developmental and Human Biology

6BBA3350 Anatomy, Developmental and Human Biology Library Project

6BBYN305 Neurosciences Literature-Based Research Project

6BBYN306 Laboratory Project in Neuroscience

The A2 and B3 modules of the MSc in Neuroscience programme and I contribute to Anatomy and Neuroscience teaching for the first and second year Medical students

I am also:

Course Leader for the MSci Neuroscience

Assessment Sub-Board Chair for the Neuroscience Department

Course Advisor for Neuroscience

And I am external examiner for the MSc Clinical Neuroscience at Roehampton University and for the Anatomy & Development Hons programme at the University of Edinburgh.