Molecular mechanisms of axon guidance in Drosophila

I am Head of Department and Programme Lead for the Department of Genetics and the Cellular Genetics and the Cell Cycle Block Lead. I am an organiser for the undergraduate modules, Advanced Molecular Genetics and Research Techniques in Molecular Science and the postgraduate module, Research Project in Genomic Medicine.

I am a personal tutor to students on BSc, MPharm and MSci programmes and the MSc in Genomic Medicine that is jointly awarded with St George's, University of London.

I am an examiner on several undergraduate modules (Human and Molecular Genetics A & B, Human and Molecular Genetics A, Developmental Neurobiology, Advanced Molecular Genetics, Molecular Genetics Library Project A and B, and Research Techniques in Molecular Science) and the postgraduate modules, Bioinformatics, Interpretation and Data Quality in Genome Analysis, and A2 Fundamental Neuroscience.