Comparative studies of CNS development

Corinne Houart's education role spans across undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate degrees. She delivers numerous lectures on Developmental Biology, Neuroscience, Genetics and model organism research to UG year 2 and 3 students in Biomedical, Neuroscience and Physiotherapy. She supervises group and individual research projects for Year 3 undergraduates and offers MSc lab projects. She supervises on average 2 to 4 PhD students working in her lab. She is also an academic tutor, supporting directly 20-30 students each year.


Corinne has a very active role in international courses. She has taught and organised EMBO practical courses and directed for 6 years the MBL international summer course in Zebrafish Development and Genetics on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, a course on which she still teaches each year.