Developmental neurobiology: From worms to mammals

EMBO practical course

Running bi-annually since 2009, this course enables students to get introduced to state of the art techniques used in modern developmental neuroscience, acquire knowledge of brain development in 6 different species and interact with internationally leading neuroscientists, all in a small collaborative environment.
A small group of postgraduate students selected from across the world enjoy exciting daily hands-on practical sessions, led by Group Leaders and with the collaboration of PhD students, Postdoctoral researchers and technicians from the Centre, which cover the broad set of techniques and model organisms used at the Department.Working in small groups the students learn, for example, how to perform zebrafish injections to study the dynamic aspects of the development of the nervous system as well as, how to use sophisticated imaging analysis to study how neural circuits are formed. Throughout two weeks the students also have the opportunity to interact with our invited speakers, all international leading neuroscientists, and learn about the latest findings on the mechanisms controlling the development and evolution of the cerebral cortex, from stem cells to neuronal networks, and the gene regulatory mechanisms that control neural differentiation, among others.